Halima, a young medical student who still lives under the wing of her parents was outed by her cousin after seeing pictures of Halima, and what her cousin assumed was Halima’s partner, on her computer. Halima’s parents called her to the living room to clarify what was being said. Seeing that Halima was her parents only child she admitted to being a lesbian because she believed her parents wouldn’t harm her. Halima’s father’s wrath pushed him to kicking her out of their home while the mother pleaded for his mercy on their child. Halima went to live with her partner’s family who were somewhat in the dark because for all they knew Halima was visiting her friend for a while. Halima and her mother still kept in touch with each other.  The mother begged Halima to come back home so that she could proceed with her studies. When she got back home all her father wanted to see was his daughter getting her medical degree.

Country: Zambia

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