My son came out to us, as the whole family. Only for him to tell us that he was actually gay. I broke down because I did not know what that meant, I saw my husband stomp out of the living room and my son bursting into tears as he tried to explain himself to me. My first-born daughter held onto me and said that she knows that she is hurt and disappointed but what really mattered? Her son’s wellbeing or what people said. My son apologised, begged and told me that he was still the same person. He was worried about his father and I disowning him and he was ready to save us the trouble and leave. My daughter held me through the tears. I knew I was about to lose my child and I could not bear that thought. My daughter helped me through this and gradually started to learn more about who my real son was. It is still a learning process and always making sure others, especially his father, understands him.

Country: Botswana

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