I am a lesbian residing in Botswana. I came out to my cousin about 6 years ago, we grew up together and I knew from our close bond that at some point I needed to be free and tell her my sexual orientation.

My motivation for coming out was that my cousin had started talking to me about getting married and raising kids. I had to explain to my cousin that I cannot get married to a man because I have always been only attracted to women. My cousin’s concern was how I was going to have kids because I couldn’t make them with another woman. I explained to her all the ways of making babies, the natural way where I would sleep with a man and how that doesn’t change my orientation, adoption, and Invitro Fertilization.

My cousin now understood why I had never spoken about having boyfriends. She told me she understood and would respect who I am. Our relationship has grown so much she now links me up with girls she thinks I might like, we share about our social lives, and help each other through tough times. This coming out has helped me to find a shoulder to lean on and my cousin has become a strong support system and encourages me to come out to the rest of the family.

Country: Botswana

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