I am bisexual and officially started dating my first and still current girlfriend in the beginning of this year (2018). No one in my family knew until I started bringing her around to my family. My cousins started noticing and told my mom, my mom then told the rest of the family after telling me that I have shamed her cause I was the first gay person in the family. I was so hurt cause they disowned me and acted really weird around me. My aunts also didn't want their children around me cause I would apparently influence them. I suffered from depression, couldn't eat and could barely concentrate at all. But this didn't stop me from being with the one I love.

Well after 7 months of not talking to me, my mom finally came around and I wouldn't say she has fully accepted the fact that I love women, but at least she talks to me now. And even if things are not the way they were, its a great start for me . I think a lot of people are misinformed and not educated about homosexuality, so they fear the unknown. As much as they would like to deny it, we are in a modern era where we are free to be whoever and free to love whoever we want. As difficult as it is to come out, its the most beautiful thing to be yourself to the fullest.

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