In November 2015, a project I was working on phased out of Lesotho. 3 months down the line, I got a job in a sex worker’s project. I have not always understood why sex workers engaged in the sex trade, yet there was “so many” industrial and nanny jobs all around the city. Being in love with the night, I always came across sex workers hurling insults in miniskirts or just t-shirts. This stood against all fundamentals of our culture. Then I started working at a company and got to know these “immoral” Basotho females. I spent a lot of time with them having chats so much that I discovered that their hospitality towards the general population was sought of defense mechanism towards stigma and discrimination. They are also people. They are loving, had families, and also had dreams like everyone else. Most of them do not have an alternative to sex work that would field substantial income due to their level of education. Just like me being an M&E officer, I have come to terms with the fact that sex work is work. These “immoral” Basotho females are now my sisters. If they did not have a market for their commodity, they would have been out of business, but they are still here.

Country: Lesotho

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