I am a lesbian woman, and I have been looking for the right time and right way to tell my mother about my sexual orientation. I came out to my sibling a few years ago, a couple of aunts and cousins but felt that I needed to talk to her, my problem was I wasn’t raised to be open and discuss everything with elders but I chose to send her a text message. I told her how I came to terms with being a lesbian, having struggled to understand it since I was young and how I was now comfortable in my own skin. I also told her I came out to family members, and I wanted to tell her because growing up I was told homosexuality is wrong and I had finally come to make peace with it.

Initially my mother didn’t say anything about the text when she got home, everything seemed normal. After a while I invited my mother to an IDAHOT commemoration day, which she attended and for the first time spoke about having a lesbian child. She opened up and expressed that she would like to attend more meetings, learn more and empower other parents. We had a conversation about what the LGBTI community in Botswana experiences, and whether other parents accepted their children. My mother asks my siblings to attend the PFLAG meetings and update her. She has also agreed to take part in an interview to assist with advocacy for the decriminalization case against the government about a law that criminalizes same sex sexual acts.

Country: Botswana

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