I came out to mother about 2 months ago, and at first she was shocked, sad and hurt, which was understandable. We then had an argument which turned very nasty and we didn't speak for about two days. Then one day she decided to contact my girlfriend and spoke to her in my presence, talking to her like a mother should talk to a child, something she didn't do with me. She then told my girlfriend that she disowned me as her daughter. I was hurt deeply, I even cried. But days after when everything settled, I finally had the chance to talk to my mom and we spoke like mother and daughter should. My mommy said the most beautiful words to me that touched my heart, as did my dad. Me and my mom made peace, and both my parents now love me for who I am. I'm happy that we have a better understanding. I love my parents and they my best support. I would just like to say to all the people out there that are scared to come out, thinking what people might say or thin, if your parents can support you, you don't need the rest of the world. If you are scared about what your parents will think, my advice is that you'll never know unless you find out. They might be angry in that moment but they will eventually come around because they your parents and they love you no matter what. So be free, live free, and be who you are, love yourself, your happiness is in your hands and it all starts with you.


Country: South Africa

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